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Jiangyin Pavot Crane Machinery CO。,Ltd。 is the leading industry of cranes and material handling products professional manufacturers and service providers, is committed to the research and development of crane and logistics handling technology, the introduction of new ideas, new product development, the constant pursuit of progress of industry, leading the development of the industry。 Business in the high-end equipment research and development, design, manufacture, installation and service, provide customers with "one station" "customized" material handling equipment, and provide product lifecycle management for customers, resolve customer menace from the rear。

With advanced concepts, advanced technology and rich experience, Jiangyin Pavot Crane Machinery CO.,Ltd. can provide customized solutions for our customers, our products are light weight, wheel pressure is small, safe and reliable, high performance, energy saving and high efficiency, to help customers save plant infrastructure investment, improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Reduce maintenance costs, get a good return on investment
Jiangyin Pavot Crane Machinery CO.,Ltd., material handling products mainly include single and double beam bridge crane, gantry crane, bridge crane, small crane, jib crane, explosion-proof equipment, intelligent automation, clean equipment and a variety of special equipment, widely used in equipment manufacturing, papermaking, shipbuilding, automobile, energy and power metal processing, aerospace and other fields.

Jiangyin Pavot Crane Machinery CO。,Ltd。 has B special equipment issued by the State General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the manufacturing license and B installation and maintenance permit, the state has issued ISO certification CE certification。

Focus on customer needs and provide competitive crane materials handling solutions and services to continually create value for our customers

Customer orientation has always been Jiangyin Paavo driving force heavy machinery limited company development, we have been working to meet the actual needs of customers, provide the better service experience for customers, for customers to achieve long-term value creation, the "customer first" philosophy has always been throughout our entire organization and operation system. We ensure that our customers provide quality products and services through continuous management change and efficient process operation.

After more than 10 years of development, Jiangyin Pavot Crane Machinery CO.,Ltd. has accumulated a lot of successful project experience and good historical performance, has a well-known leading and recognition in equipment manufacturing, papermaking, energy and power, automobile and ship, metal processing, aerospace and other industries, in the industry establish a good brand image and reputation.

Based on customer demand for continuous innovation, we never stand still, we accept the challenges posed by our customers, we adhere to open cooperation。 We start with customer needs and provide a full range of material handling solutions to our customers。 We focus on customer needs for continuous innovations in technology, products, solutions and business。 Pavot (Pavot), anti swing hanging point synchronous lifting, intelligent monitoring, remote control, speed control, expand the upper and lower anti-collision technology application in crane after the development of electronic products, greatly improve the crane in operation safety and production efficiency, maintenance more convenient。

We have been with customers, in-depth customer application field, to understand customer needs, and customers to discuss and solve the problems they face, to create value for customers. The operating system to the customer as the center to listen to the voice of the customer, to meet customer demand, customer service, continuously improve customer satisfaction, for customers to create long-term value has been the impetus and direction of our work and development.

In the pre-sale, sales engineer in-depth customer site to communicate according to their own rich experience in the industry and customers, a detailed understanding of the scene and the needs of customers, through the company's business team and technology center provides highly specialized tailored material handling solutions for customers. Company sales hotline for 24 hours throughout the year on duty, at any time to respond to customer inquiries, timely delivery of materials to provide customers with solutions.

In the production process, "continuous improvement, the pursuit of zero defects" is Jiangyin Pavot Crane Machinery CO.,Ltd.never slack quality policy and objectives. Jiangyin Pavot Crane Machinery CO.,Ltd. has testing equipment and advanced manufacturing technology, able to finish the test from the product certification to the final product inspection, efficient control of production from raw materials to finished products from the effective control of each process. In addition, Jiangyin Pavot Crane Machinery CO.,Ltd., the implementation of the promotion of lean management, the internal implementation of the "company Zero Defect" project, and through the analysis of advanced data statistics, to continuously improve the process control and management capabilities, improve product quality and delivery capability.

In order to provide better service to customers, Jiangyin Pavot Crane Machinery CO。,Ltd。has a specialized service in the implementation of the project management and project management team, the project manager system, each project manager has rich experience in project management, project responsible for coordinating production, procurement, delivery, site installation, site acceptance and all in one service delivery。 The equipment put into operation, the same year customer service hotline staff on duty 24 hours, by professionals in the use of the customer at any time to answer questions and received a customer service request sent after the nearest regional service personnel at the fastest speed to solve customer problems。 Jiangyin Pavot Crane Machinery CO。,Ltd。 the company also launched a crane maintenance service, regular preventive maintenance of equipment for customers, to eliminate equipment failure risks, the maximum time to ensure the normal operation of equipment, reduce the time between failures, reduce maintenance times, locking equipment maintenance costs, thereby reducing the cost of operation, prolong the service life of crane。 At the same time, after the maintenance work is finished, the company will submit comprehensive and detailed equipment inspection and maintenance report to the customer to ensure the equipment is in the best running condition。

Strict and effective quality management system, professional project management team, one-stop pre-sales, sales and customer service turnkey project, we provide the service by the majority of customers praise, is Chinese European crane technology and manufacturing industry model。

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